Eoss Premium Greek Yoghurt
Eoss Premium Greek Yoghurt
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Premium Greek Yoghurt

Authentic Handstrained

Eoss Premium Yogurt - Classic Greek

Our Premium Yoghurt

Eoss is authentic hand strained Greek yoghurt, not stirred. What does that mean? It means we strain out the whey (the milk serum that separates from the mass after cooking).
Stirred yoghurt keeps the whey in and often add thickeners to keep the thick consistency. That’s the difference between authentic hand strained Greek yoghurt and Greek style yoghurt.

So why choose Eoss? Simply, it’s good for you and tastes amazing!

Made by traditional methods handed down through three generations, combined with a modern twist, Eoss Yoghurt is a unique yoghurt with a thick and creamy consistency, texture and deep flavour, without the yucky fillers and after-taste.

Eoss Premium Yogurt - Classic Greek

Multi Award Wining

Eoss Premium Yoghurt proudly supporting Australian Dairy Farmers